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Steps to Registering for a Trademark

Steps to Registering for a Trademark



Registering for a trademark is a multi-step process that is administered by the United States Patent Office. A trademark is a fundamental step in the development of one's business or nonprofit organizations. Trademarks enable a product to find a legal niche in an underlying marketplace, which can further establish the productivity of the good or service.




The first step in trade marking an item is to understand the different types and laws associated with intellectual property. A solid method to understand trademarks is to search the USPTO website and search for pending or existing trademarks for products similar to your own. After accomplishing this, draw up a statement identifying the services or goods that are attached to the trademark. Make sure the attachments are aligned with the Patent Offices "Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual."

Once the attachments and the product have been chosen, design the mark you to register. There are two basic forms of styles: stylized or standard character format. Both styles require separate applications to receive a trademark. When the style has been chosen file a TEAS application online through the USPTO website. Once this has been accomplished the agency will review your application and if acceptable, grant a trademark for your specific product or service.